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The soon coming 10 Horns of Daniel. Presently there are 8. The antichrist will move in by conquering two of the 10. But then you already know that right?

Daniel Seven, Key to future Kingdoms

     The general outline for this study guide is found in three passages of Scripture. They are Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapters 13 and 17. In Daniel 7 we have the prophecy given to Daniel in a vision where he sees four beasts which represent four, consecutive world empires. It is very important to note here that this vision is about events as they relate to the nation of Israel. This connection is stated in a related passage of Daniel where he is told:

       Seventy weeks are determined upon your people and upon your holy city. Daniel 9:24

      This is not to say that the events foretold have no bearing on the rest of the world. They certainly do. The point to see here is that the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation are given in context with the nation of Israel.

        In Daniel 7 the four beasts are a Lion, a Bear, a Leopard and a dreadful and terrible beast. These are NEVER explained to Daniel as representing the Babylonian empire, or the Media-Persian empire, the Greek empire and the Roman empire. Turning to Revelation 13:1-2 we see another beast that is a composite of what Daniel saw:

        And the beast that I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like that of a bear, and his mouth like that of a lion. (This is ONE beast) The beast John saw was made up of the three first beasts that Daniel saw In Dan. chapter seven. Therefore the beasts of Daniel 7 were not defeated or destroyed anytime in history. This removes every commentary written on the subject.

The mouth indicates English speaking, If we consider the Lion as England. The bear indicates fearfulness as a bear would be feared, or maybe more if one would study the attributes of a bear (the bear is fearless and large while resting on its side), the leopard, indicates the mixture of the three major races, The Leopard is WHITE, YELLOW, AND BLACK.  The melting pot Of the three races is The United States. In the story of the image of chapter 2, we are told that each nation is destroyed by the one following. But in Daniel 7, NONE ARE DESTROYED.

There are many differences in the beasts of chapter 7 and the image of chapter 2.

The beasts of chapter 7 do not destroy each other.

The nations of chapter 2 do.

The beasts of chapter 7 rule together with the beast of Rev.13.

The nations of chapter 2 do not.

The image of chapter 2 has 10 toes that are part of the last nation made of iron. (Iron is for military strength and clay for religion).

The forth beast of chapter 7 has 10 horns that are kings.

There is a great difference between toes at the bottom of the image and horns (kings) in the end times.

At the time that Daniel received his vision, the nation of Israel was living in Babylon and nearing the end of their 70-year exile. This was about 539 BC Nebuchadnezzar, died in 562 BC, This means that Nebuchadnezzar had been dead 23 years before Daniel had his vision in chapter 7.  Cf.Daniel 7:1.

 When the apostle John received the Revelation, Rome was the existing empire and the time was about 96 AD The beast that John saw was yet future in time. In the 600 years between the two prophecies, the four beast empires that Daniel had seen had all come and gone (IN TYPE) with the fourth, Rome, still in power. The relationship to the nation of Israel is as follow

    During the Babylonian Empire, Israel was in exile. With the coming of the Medes and Persians, Israel began to return to their homeland in Palestine. The time during the Greek Empire is known as the inter-testament period because it occurred between the completion of the Old Testament

And the beginning of the New Testament. During this time, one of the most significant events that happened to Israel was the appearance of Antiochus Epiphanes. As recorded in the Book of the Macaques, Antiochus committed the Abomination of Desolation; described in Daniel 11:31 and 12:11, 70 years after the prophecy was given. Yet Jesus said the event is yet in the future (mat.24: 15).

       Finally, in the time of the Roman Empire, two more significant events occurred affecting the nation of Israel; the Messiah came and Jerusalem was destroyed, scattering the Jews abroad. From this point on, there is no nation of Israel, and a few centuries later the Roman Empire ended

With  no world empire in existence. This condition continued until the middle of the 16th century. For hundreds of years there was not one world power. Religious Rome controlled king and merchants. Also during this time there was no nation of Israel. Then things changed as Rome lost its grip on kings beginning with England. England became such a power that she used to brag that “The sun never sets on the British flag”.



Like a lion

     With the rise of power of King Richard the Lionheart in 1189 and the signing of the Magna  Carta in 1215 AD.,England was on her way to becoming a world power. By 1455 she was the world greatest trader of commerce. In 1509 Parliament broke with Pope. From 1558 through 1603 England became the greatest military power defeating the Spanish Armada and spreading her colonies all over the known world. England remained the greatest power until she rejected the Authorized Text of 1611 and replaced it with the American standard version to be used on the mission field.

Like a bear

     By 1880 Russia had become a world power from the work of Peter the Great who lived from 1672-1725. Publishing 50,000 books annually. By 1922 she became The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and by 1944, she  showed the power to defeat a German army single-handed from the east.

Like a Leopard

     The USA became a world power after the civil war ended in 1864.  In April 1917, England, Russia, and the United States were at war with Germany. By Nov. of the following year, Germany surrendered to the three greatest powers that ever have been on the face of this earth.

The forth beast diverse from all other

     In 1945 the United Nations was formed. There never has been anything like the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED NATIONS. That's not all

 In 1948 the nation of Israel was reborn in Palestine.

It is interesting to note, There are 8 of the richest nations on earth who meet twice a year to decide who will be the rulers of third world countries. They were called G-8.  What will they call themselves when there is 10? “AND THEN THERE WAS 10”

Bob Foster

Why The Authorized Version

Not willing to study Greek and preferring to study the Scriptures, i.e. King James English Bible, I have always been reluctant to debate issues against the authority of the English Bible. In November of 1957 an evangelist was preaching from the King James English Bible and I was brought under conviction of sins and came to Christ for salvation. From that point on I NEVER thought the KJ Bible was anything but the Word of God.

          However, in the past year, I have been challenged by a Bible rejecter who claims the KJ Bible contains errors. Knowing that the “NEW” Bibles are ALL DIFFERENT, I have contended that only the King James Bible is the pure Word of God. I have not been disappointed. I found others who believe likewise. These people came up with evidence from thousands of proofs from thousands of Manuscripts.


         Thousands of Manuscripts (MSS) that have been found since the making of the 1611 King James Bible and have not shaken my faith. All the “NEW” Bibles contain contradictions. This comes from using the Alexandrian MSS which came out of Egypt! Even though God called Israel OUT OF EGYPT and God called His Son OUT OF EGYPT.

           The more I study the Greek MSS and compare them to the Textus Receptus (which is what was used to make the King James Bible) the more I am convinced of the Authority of the Authorized Version. Textus Receptus (Latin: "received text") is the name given to the first Greek language text of the New Testament to be published. Used as the basis for the translation of the New Testament by William Tyndale, for the original Luther Bible, and for most other Reformation era translations throughout Western and Central Europe. The Textus Receptus is classified by scholars as a late Byzantine text coming from Antioch where Paul was sent out as the FIRST Missionary and where believers were FIRST called Christians.

          Today there are at least 24 Greek texts made from various combinations of MSS. It is from these Greek texts that all NEW BIBLE are formed.  The REAL problem is in making the Greek text from which to make the NEWEST TRANSLATION. You cannot make a translation unless you first make a Greek text from which to translate.

           This is where money becomes more powerful than spiritual will. Paid translators create new Greek texts, using old MSS. You ask, “How can that make Greek texts different?” Simple, add to the definitions found in Greek dictionaries.  With the making of many Greek dictionaries comes different Greek texts and many different translations. It cost money to do this but it pays off in the end for those who are interested in VERY LARGE BANK ACCOUNTS.  The publishers love money, and the translators love money. All that’s left is the time it takes to do it. The New International Translation took about 6 years from start to first publication in 1973. I quote “The New International Version is a translation developed by more than one hundred scholars working from the best “available” Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts”. Did you notice the word AVAILABLE?  Using the MSS AVAILABLE means they choose which MSS to use!

          This is true of EVERY Greek text and EVERY Bible made since 1900! They pick and choose which MSS to use to make the LATEST GREEK TEXTS. Now you know what is behind the making of “NEW” Translations.


Here is a list of most of the manuscripts available today.


Here is a list of most of all MSS. RED indicates COMPLETE MS. It is important to note that some of these manuscripts were dated 70 years ago, but subsequent similar papyrii have shown that some of those dates were too conservative (late). many people are The dates are taken primarily from The Complete Text of the Earliest New Testament Manuscripts (Comfort 1999) and secondarily from Manuscripts of the Greek Bible (Metzger 1981) and The Greek New Testament 4th Revised Edition (Aland et al. 1993).

Date Name Contents

117-138 A.D. or
110-125 A.D. (The Complete Text of the Earliest New Testament Manuscripts p.367)

p52 (John Rylands) (= Papyrii Rylands 457)

John 18:31-33, reverse side John 18:37-38

100-150 A.D.

p104 (=P. Oxyrhynchus 4404)

Matthew 21:34-37,43,45(?) Matthew 21:44 was not originally present

c.125 A.D.

p87 - The handwriting is nearly identical to p46.

Phm 13-15,24 (part),25b with gaps

100-150 A.D. (Comfort) 81-96 A.D. (Young Kyu Kim)

Chester Beatty II (p46)

It has 1,390 verses from Paul and 290 verses from Hebrews. This is 70% of the 2,389 verses in Paul and Hebrews.

Romans 5:17-6:3; 6:5-14; 8:15-25,27-35; 8:37-9:32; 10:1-11:11; 11:24-33; 11:35-15:9; 15:11-16:27; Hebrews 1:1-9:16; 9:18-10:20,22-30; 10:32-13:25 (all but 3 verses); 1 Corinthians 1:1-9:2; 9:4-14:14; 14:16-15:15; 15:17-16:22 (all but 5 verses); 2 Corinthians 1:1-11:10,12-21; 11:23-13:13 (all but 3 verses); Ephesians 1:1-2:7; 2:10-5:6; 5:8-6:6, 8-18, 20-24 (all but 5 verses); Galatians 1:1-8; 1:10-2:9, 12-21; 3:2-29; 4:2-18; 4:20-5:17; 5:20-6:8, 10-18 (all but 9 verses); Philippians 1:1, 5-15, 17-28; 1:30-2:12, 14-17; 2:29-3:8, 10-21; 4:2-12, 14-23 (all but 20 verses); Colossians 1:1-2, 5-13, 16-24; 1:27-2:19; 2:23-3:11, 13-24; 4:3-12, 16-18 (all but 16 verses); 1 Thessalonians 1:1; 1:9-2:3; 5:5-9,23-28

2nd century

Magdalen papyri

Matthew 26:7-8, 10, 14-15, 22-23, 31-33

150-200 A.D.
(Muslims source says this is c.200 A.D.)


Titus 1:1-15; 2:3-8 (21 verses)

100-150 A.D. (Hunger, Philip Comfort)
or 125-175 A.D.
c.200-250 A.D. (Turner due to broad delta, broad theta, narrow alpha, finial end on the crossbar of epsilon, apostrophe between double consonants like other third century manuscripts.
However, we go with Hunger and Philip Comfort because second century manuscripts have been found with these features. This was discovered close to Nag Hamadi (second century). Hunger has found many late first and early second centuries manuscripts that are closer to p66 than 3rd century documents.

Bodmer II (p66 and p14/15, p75)
808.5 verses, which is 92% of the 879 verses in John

John 1:1-6:11; 6:35b-14:26, 29-30;15:2-26; 16:2-4, 6-7; 16:10-20:20; 20:22-23; 20:25-21:9, 12, 17. (John 7:53-8:11 is missing)

c.175 A.D.

p90 (P. Oxyrhynchus 3523)

John 18:36-19:7

2nd century

p98 (P.IFAO Inv. 237b [+a]

Revelation 1:13-2:1 (9 verses)

Mid to Late 2nd century

p77 and p103

Matthew 23:30-39; Matthew 13:55-57; 14:3-5 (10 + 6 verses)

Late 2nd / early 3rd century

p38 (P. Michigan Inv. 1571)

Acts 18:27-19:6, 12-16

Late 2nd / early 3rd century

Uncial 0189

Acts 5:3-21 (earliest parchment of the N.T.)

c.200 A.D.


Matthew 1:1-9,12,14-20; 2:14? (17 or 18 verses)

125-150 A.D. (Comfort)

p64 and p67. All agree these are from the same manuscript.

(p67) Matthew 3:9,15; 5:20-22,25-28
(p64) Mt. 26:7-8,10,14-15,22-23,31-33
(19 verses)

Early to mid 2nd century
In 1963 Aland dated it to the third century. However, if it is the same original as p64 and p67 then it would have to be early to mid 2nd century.

p4 (the handwriting is the same as p64 and p67.) (Aland disagreed but never gave a reason.) Also, all three have an unusual abbreviation for "Jesus".). p4 was used as padding for a copy of Philo’s works that was hidden to avoid confiscation in either 292 A.D. or 303 A.D. The Philo Codex was written about 250 A.D.

Luke 1:58-59; 1:62-2:1,6-7; 3:8-4:2,29-32,34-35; 5:3-8; 5:30-6:16

200-225 A.D.


Acts 26:7-8, 20

early 3rd century


1 Thess. 4:12-13, 16-17; 5:3, 8-10, 12-18, 25-28; 2 Thess. 1:1-2; 2:1, 9-11

200-225 A.D.

p45 (Chester Beatty I)
Matthew 71 verses
Mark 147 verses
Luke 242 verses
John 84 verses
Acts 289 verses

Much of Acts and the Gospels. Mt 20:24-32; 21:13-19; 25:41-26:39 [71 verses]; Mk 4:36-5:2; 5:16-26; 5:38-6:3; 2 letters of 6:15; 6:16-25, 36-50; 7:3-15; 7:25-8:1; 8:10-26; 8:34-9:8; 4 letters of 9:9; 9:18-31; 11:27-12:1; 12:5-8,13-19,24-28 [147 verses]; Luke 6:31-41; 6:45-7:7; 9:26-41; 9:45-10:1; 10:6-22; 10:26-11:1; 11:6-25, 28-46; 11:50-12:13 (12:9  missing); 12:18-37; 12:42-13:1; 13:6-24; 13:29-14:10; 14:17-33 [242 verses]; John 4:51,54; 5:21,24; 10:7-25; 2 complete out of 16 letters of 10:30; 10:31-11:10; 11:18-36,42-57 [84 verses]. Acts 4:27-36; 5:10-20; (8 out of 33 letters in 5:21) 30-39; 6:7-7:2; 7:10-21; 7:32-41; 7:32-8:1; 8:14-15, 8:34-9:6; (8:37 missing); 9:16-27; 9:35-10:2; 10:10-23, 31-41; 11:2-13; 11:24-12:6; 12:13-22; 13:6-16,25-36; 13:46-14:3; 14:15-23; 15:2-7,9-27; 15:38-16:4; 16:15-21,32-40; 17:9-17) At Acts 15:7 this scribe lost his place and repeated from Acts 15:2. [289 verses]

Early 3rd century

p5 (=Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 208 1781)

John 1:23-31, 33-40; 16:14-30; 20:11-17, 19-20, 22-25 (47 verses)

ca.200 A.D. (Comfort and Barrett) vs. 3rd century (Aland)

p23 Urbana (=Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1229)

James 1:10-12, 15-18

200-250 A.D


John 8:14-22

c.170 A.D.


Tatian’s Diatessaron (Harmony of the Gospels) Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40; Luke 23:49b-c; Luke 23:54; Matthew 27:57; Mark 15:42; Matthew 27:57; Luke 23:50; Matthew 27:57; Luke 23:51b; Matthew 27:57; Luke 23:40; John 19:38; Matthew 27:57; Luke 23:51c; Luke 23:51a

225-250 A.D.


Hebrews 2:14-5:5; 10:8-22; 10:29-11:13; 11:28-12:17

3rd century

p9 (= Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 402)

1 John 4:11-12, 14-17

3rd century

p20 (=Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1171)

James 2:19-3:2; (6 out of 96 letters of 3:3); 3:4-9) (16 verses)

3rd century

p27 and p40

Romans 1:24-27; 1:31-2:3; 3:21-4:8; 6:2-5, 15-16; 9:17,27 (36 verses)

c.250 A.D.

p22 (=Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1228)

John 15:25-16:2; 16:21-32
250-251 A.D. Severe Persecution by the Emperor Decius across the entire Roman Empire

c.260 A.D.


Mt 26:29-40; Acts 9:33-10:1 (24 verses)

285-300 A.D.


Hebrews 1:1

3rd century

p27 (P. Oxyrhynchus. 1355)

Romans 8:12-22; 24-27; 8:33-9:3; 9:5-9

3rd century

p28 (=Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1596)

John 6:8-12, 17-22

3rd century


Matthew 25:12-15,20-23

3rd century

P Antinoopolis 2.54

Matthew 6:10-12 (Part of the Lord’s prayer)

Mid 3rd century

p49 + p65

Eph 4:16-29; 4:31-5:13

3rd century


Luke 22:40, 45-48, 58-61.missing Luke 22:43-44

3rd century


Matthew 2:13-16; 2:22-3:1; 11:26-27; 12:4-5; 24:3-6, 12-15

3rd century



Mid 3rd century


Matthew 26:19-52

Mid 3rd century

p53 (= Papyrus Michigan Inv. 6652)

Matthew 26:29-40; Acts 9:33-38; 3 letters of the 124 letters in 9:39; 9:40-10:1

250-300 A.D.

Chester Beatty III (p47)

Revelation 9:10-11:3; 11:5-16:15; 16:17-17:2 (125 verses)

Late 3rd century


1 Corinthians 7:18-8:4

Late 3rd century


Philippians 3:10-17; 4:2-8

Late 3rd century

p17 (= P. Oxyrhynchus.1078)

Hebrews 9:12-19 (8 verses)

c.300 A.D.

p72, somewhat similar handwriting to p50. 1 and 2 Peter have page numbers 1-35. Jude has page numbers 62-68. Also contains the Nativity of Mary, the apocryphal letter of Paul to the Corinthians, the 11th Ode of Solomon, Melito’s Homily on the Passover, part of a hymn, the Apology of Phileas, and Psalm 33 and 34.

1 Peter 1:1-5:14, 2 Peter 1:1-3:18 and Jude 1-25 (191 verses)

c.300 A.D.


Acts 18:27-19:6, 12-16 (13 verses)

ca.300 A.D.

0162 (P. Oxyrhynchus 847)

John 2:11-22 (12 verses)

ca.300 A.D.

0171 (PSI 2.124)

Matthew 10:17-23,25-32; Luke 22:44-50,52-56,61,63-64 (30 verses)

ca.300 A.D.

0220 (MS 113)

Romans 4:23-5:3,8-13. 100% agrees with Vaticanus except Rom 5:1. (6 verses)

ca.300 A.D.

0232 (P. Antinoopolis 12)

2 John 1-9 (9 verses)

3rd/4th century?


3rd/4th century


Revelation 1:4-7 (4 verses)

3rd/4th century


Matthew 26:19-52 (34 verses)

325-350 A.D.

Vaticanus (B)

Most of the Old Testament and all of the New up to Heb 9:15 (6,979 NT verses)

340-350 A.D.

Sinaiticus (Aleph)

Almost all of the New Testament and half of the Septuagint Old Testament

3rd/4th century


Matthew 25:12-15, 20-23

4th century


4th century


4th century


Revelation 5:5-8; 6:5-8

4th century

p62 (Oslo)

4th century


Late 4th century


c.400 A.D.



Q: Just how many New Testament manuscripts (including fragments) exist today?
A: Here are the counts from various scholars of just the Greek manuscripts (complete manuscripts, small fragments, and everything in between). One reason the counts differ is that a number of new manuscripts have been discovered since 1975. Also some people call multiple manuscripts what others call one manuscript with multiple pieces.

Category Ralph Earle Aland et al. The Greek New Testament 3rd edition (1975) Bruce Metzger p.54 (1976) Manuscripts of the Greek Bible p.54 (1981) A General Introduction to the Bible p.387 (1986) Aland et al. The Greek New Testament 4th edition (1998)
Papyrii (p1-p88)  





95 (=97-2)

Uncials (non-Lectionary)






286 (=300-16+2

Miniscules (non-Lectionary)







Lectionary manuscripts (both uncial and miniscule)

not mentioned











not mentioned

not mentioned



not mentioned

not mentioned








The manuscripts in other languages, including 89+ Italic (Old Latin), four Vulgate families, 8 Syriac families, 8 Coptic families, Aramaic, Armenian, 2 families of Georgian, 3 families of Ethiopic, Slavonic, 5 Gothic manuscripts, Arabic, and Persian bring the total up to over 11,000 manuscripts.
The Complete Text of the Earliest New Testament Manuscripts (copyright 1999) p.627 goes up to p104.
Some would say there are really four less papyrii, as p45 + p46 + p47 are apparently written by the same scribe. p64 + p67 apparently are also from the same scribe. P20 + p27 possibly are by the same scribe.
For comparison purposes, Manuscripts of the Greek Bible p.5 says that scholars have catalogued 55,000 Greek manuscripts on all topics. Thus almost 10% of all Greek manuscripts are Bible manuscripts. Homer’s Illiad has the second most number of copies with 643-650 manuscripts; which is about 1% of all Greek manuscripts.

Q: How many Bible fragments and manuscripts are preserved, century by century?
A: Sometimes scholars disagree about the dates, but here are my numbers, based primarily on Comfort and Barrett, and secondarily on Aland et al. The Other column is artificially small because it is part manuscripts and part languages which contain many manuscripts.

Century Greek Other

2nd century



2nd/3rd century



3rd century



3rd/4th century



4th century



4th/5th century



5th century



5th/6th century



6th century



6th/7th century



7th century



7th/8th century



8th century on



The Greek manuscripts were not used as much when people started using other languages more, such as Coptic, Latin, Syriac, etc. The large number of Greek Byzantine Lectionaries, which primarily come later, are not included here.
Taking the same data, except splitting each manuscript that might span centuries as half in each century, gives the following numbers.
Century Greek Other

2nd century



3rd century



4th century



5th century



6th century



7th century



8th century on




      This kind of knowledge is hurtful to publisher’s bank accounts plus it shows the deception of the Devil who would kill the Bible that led more people to the Lord, started more churches, and brought about the greatest nation on God’s green earth, the USA. Satan has three things at the top of his list. 1) the Jews (God’s chosen People), 2) the King James English Bible ( the Word of God), and the USA which is used to support more KJ Bible missionaries than all churches combined from Christ to 1500 AD!

         The biggest upset to a miniature Greek want-a-be scholar is for someone to say “You can (“may” for the Greeks) correct the Greek MSS with the King James English Bible (any edition)”. What the Greek student doesn’t know is that PROFESSIONAL scholars do it all the time. The PROFESSIONAL scholars (another name for liars) never mention this to the student!

          Bob Jones III still talks about “The Greek Text”.  When John wrote the Revelation in 90 – 96 AD., There wasn’t one piece of the Apostle Paul “Original Text” one earth that contained 1 Thessalonians or Galatians. If there was, it wasn’t in any book called “THE GREEK TEXT”.  Neither was MATTHEW, LUKE, OR PETER. The tern “THE GREEK TEXT” is a “Historical Position” because it implies that the One – True GREEK TEXT is in the hands of depraved Bible critics who are altering the King James Bible. There are no exceptions to this rule.

     The lie has been told so long and there are so many perverted Bibles published that when a Bible believer runs into a Greek student – it is like getting hit with a 40 car freight train. They holler “Blasphemy! Heretic! They do this in defense of their teaching. Having fallen into the belief that the English Bible contains ERRORS, and having taught such, they are now duty bound to back up the PROFESSIONAL Liars that taught them. This of course makes them par-taker of other mans sins.

     We will now show places where the King James English was and is used to correct the Greek Texts. Keep in mind that Greek Is not spoken by 99% of the earth’s population.

1.                                                        Acts 8:33


εν τη ταπεινωσει αυτου η κρισις αυτου ηρθη την δε γενεαν αυτου τις διηγησεται οτι αιρεται απο της γης η ζωη αυτου


In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth.
Isa 53:8




2. Acts

en th tapeinwsei [autou] h krisiV autou hrqh: thn genean autou tiV dihghsetai; oti airetai apo thV ghV h zwh autou.

33 In [His] humiliation His justice was taken away, and who will recount His generation? For His life is taken away from the earth."

Now do you see the difference in Greek texts between item 1. and item 2.  You have to change the Greek Text to change the English Text. Did you also notice the brackets around [HIS]? In other words, this was not in “The Greek” but later added in 1979. It was copied from the King James English Bible and a Greek word was inserted with brackets! Would you like a “hurts donut?” It was added 80 years after the text was first made!

          Now look at Mark 1:2.

Point 1 1:2 wV ...gegraptai..... en... toiV... profhtaiV... idou... egw ......apostellw                 

              1:2 as…it has been written…in…the ..prophets…behold …I…send……

ton aggelon... mou... pro .....proswpou sou oV kataskeuasei thn odon sou emprosqe  

Point 22  καθς γγραπται ν τ σαΐᾳ τ προφτ δο ποστλλω τν γγελν μου πρ προσπου σου ς κατασκευσει τν δν σου

Ok, you may see the difference in the two Greek texts. That’s plain. But the  underlining error in the second text is the cross reference given by the GREEK SCHOLARS. The first text is used for the King James Bible and the second is used by the New Bible Translators. The first gives a cross reference of Malachi the prophet Which is correct. The second gives Isaiah as a cross reference. Not only did they change the words in “THE GREEK” but they mistakenly made the wrong cross reference! They made the mistake based on their own Bible knowledge! Tupical.

But when a Bible believer corrects the Greek with the English as we have done many times, we are tagged “heretics”. That is our reward for following the King James English Bible.

The time it takes to correct THE GREEK TEXTS is high. We shall give you one more before wearing out the saints (myself).

Matt.28:1 28:1 oye de sabbatwn th epifwskoush eiV mian sabbatwn hlqen maria h magdalhnh kai h allh maria qewrhsai ton tafon

This verse translated into King James English says

Matt 28:1

1          In the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.



Matt 28:1 28 ψ δ σαββτων τ πιφωσκοσ ες μαν σαββτων λθεν Μαριμ Μαγδαλην κα λλη Μαρα θεωρσαι τν τφον


 You noticed the difference in the GREEK TEXTS but what you didn’t know is that the GREEK word for Sabbath is PLURAL! It is so IN EVERY GREEK TEXT EVER FOUND! This makes every GREEK TEXT in ERROR. To correct the error, we (like every one else) goes to the KING JAMES ENGLISH.

NOW YOU SEE HOW THE KING JAMES ENGLISH IS USED TO CORRECT EVERY GREEK MSS KNOWN TO MAN. The Originals were destroyed and all we have are copies. The King James translators were inspired by God to make the Authorized Version in English for us to use today.

AND THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK, (OF HEAVEN THAT IS). There are MANY of these corrections.


Here are two more that cannot be disputed.

           Every clone robot on every faculty of every majority College, University, and Seminary in America in 2006 keeps right on correcting the AV with "the Greek Text" which are many (24 at least). There are 24 ways to correct the Authorized Version! Twenty of these "Majority Texts" have all been made in the last 100 years. The most recent seems to be Robinson & Pierpont M-text and from their Greek text someone made another English version called EMTV and put it on the net making a total in 2006 of 25 DIFFERENT GREEK TEXTS - all claiming to be made up of the majority of manuscripts. of course they are ALL different.

 What they are afraid to tell you and deny, is that they used the Authorized Version to correct their Greek text. The following is proof of the above statement. Having been taught five languages (six if you count Japanese) I know of which I speak.

Case one: Matthew 27:34


34 They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink.


The Holy Spirit already witnessed to you when you read the verse. Instead of accepting the Holy Spirit as the final authority, the authors of THE GREEK TEXT consulted Aleph, B, and four other Uncials. The King James Translators believed in Psa. 69:21 and refused to follow “Scholarship Onlyism” and wrote “VINEGAR”. This makes lairs out of every GREEK TEXT that refuses to follow the Holy Spirit. “The Greek Text” is wrong in every case where the liars conferred with each other. They are called "clones" by Bible believers.

The verse stands corrected by the AV and that is not sloppy work - that is a fact! Even the NKJV followed the Alexandrian cult!

          The attack is always with the same intent. Get rid of the Book that offends our life style.  The offence is to their intellect.  That is the purpose of every deceitful NEW Greek Text and every NEW Version since 1889.

           Rather than exercise faith in the Book, they exercise their intelligence to correct the Holy Spirit. What you have witnessed is a classic example of gross negligence in learning anything within the Book. Instead they show their ignorance (to anyone who will take the time to look up the verses) of God’s ability to preserve and present a Book for people to use to receive His Son without their help.

          To place ANYTHING else in place of “vinegar” is a perversion of the Scripture! They did it in the EMTV which is suppose to be made of the MAJORITY GREEK Manuscripts!.

Next case:

John3:13 And no one has gone up into heaven except He who came down out of heaven, the Son of Man, who is in heaven. EMTV

John 3:13


13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.


Now we see where the rubber meets the road. Remember what the authors said, they claim to use the "MAJORITY Manuscripts". The authors of the EMTV failed to tell anyone that there are only three (3) manuscripts with the passage.  They are Papyri (P66, Sinaiticus (Aleph) and the Vaticanus (B) – the oldest Manuscripts found. But the authors of the EMTV inserted it without telling you how or why! That my friend, comes from trickery, subterfuge, equivocation, prevarication, lying, stealing, and testifying falsely! In a court of law their testimony would be thrown out, o-u-t, OUT!

           They simply corrected their Greek with the Scriptures of the Authorized Version. Anyone who accepts that piece of trash is either LAZY and won’t take the time to try the spirit that wrote it or too stupid for following MAN.

          The seven fold witness of the Holy Spirit is too overwhelming for the student of “The Greek Text”. The Holy Spirit has 7 functions according to Revelation, and these are seven attributes of the third person of the Godhead. They are listed also in Isa. 11:2 (KJV). Since this is the same Holy Spirit sent to all Christians to guide them into all truth, it will be He who breathes life into the “Holy Scriptures” (Romans 1:2). He would not leave this work in the hands of scholars in the 21st century and forget the 2000 years before that.  I just gave you four examples WHY God doesn't use "scholarship". He uses the Holy Spirit over Language scholars everytime!


          The “original autographs” were written in Hebrew, Aramaic (Syriac), and Greek. Thus you have:

  1. A received Hebrew Text from 1800 BC. To 389 BC.
  2. A received Aramaic text at the same time (Daniel, Genesis, etc.
  3. A received Greek text from 40 to 90 AD.
  4. A received Syriac text from 120 to 200 AD.
  5. A received Latin text from 150 to 1500 AD.
  6. A received German text from 1500 to 2006 AD.
  7. A received English text from 1611 till Jesus comes


Cancel Jerome’s Latin “Vulgate” and cancel all corrupt Greek Manuscripts such as Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Bezae Cantabrigiensis, etc.


          The Lord raised up Tyndale’s Bible (1525) which appeared about the same time a Martin Luther’s Bible - Whereupon the Holy Spirit purified His Final Authority 7 times.

  1. Tyndale’s Bible (1525)
  2. Cloverdale’s Bible (1535)
  3. Matthew’s Bible (1537)
  4. The Bishop’s Bible (1568)
  5. The Great Bible (1539)
  6. The Geneva Bible (1582)
  7. The King James Bible (1611 Authorized Version)
  8. Ps 12: 6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. 7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. KJV
  9. Here is a list of almost all Manuscripts available.

After that time, the Holy Spirit slammed the door or any further English text and sent it to the moon.

          He choose the last Book to be called The Holy Bible, Authorized by God and King because that Book is about a Kingdom. The Book (oracles of God) was given to Israel according to Romans 3:2. Those qualifications eliminate any of 300 “new” versions as God’s Final Authority. The work has to be done under a king and he had to have a Jewish name for the “oracles” were given to Jews! James is the English word for Jacob! And Jacob’s name WAS CHANGED TO ISRAEL. The “oracles” were never given to Americans, Englishmen, Spaniards, Japanese, Moslems, or Mexicans.

And that's the facts.

His Servant, Bob


Learning anything?






Kabala (Jewish Religion 2006)

For those of who don't know what Kabala (also Kaballah, caballa, kabala, kabbala, qaballah, etc.) is or means:
Kabala is a collection of esoteric writings of various rabbis and a few medieval Christians. It consists also of meditative, devotional, mystical and magical practices which were taught only to a select few and for this reason kabala is regarded as an esoteric offshoot of Judaism.

          1. The roots of Kabala have to do with finding God without use of The Holy Spirit (God is a Spirit) and without use of a Holy Man (such as the writer of the Torah) and without a knowledge or prompt from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Kabala is an ancient Hebrew mystical system of thought. It is a symbolic representation of the path the Divine followed in the creation of the universe, including man. It is, by definition, humanity's process of returning to divinity along the same (humanistic magical) path, an esoteric Jewish mysticism as it appeared in the 12th and following centuries. Kabbala has always been essentially an oral tradition in that initiation into its doctrines and practices is conducted by a personal guide to avoid the dangers inherent in mystical experiences.

          2. Such magic is mentioned by Moses and also the writer of Chronicles with the sins of Manasseh.

2 Chron. 33:6-7

6     And he caused his children to pass through the fire in the valley of the son of Hinnom: also he observed times, and used enchantments, and used witchcraft, and dealt with a familiar spirit, and with wizards: he wrought much evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger.

7     And he set a carved image, the idol which he had made, in the house of God, of which God had said to David and to Solomon his son, In this house, and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen before all the tribes of Israel, will I put my name for ever:


          When Manasseh set the idol of Ganesha up in the house of God, he did evil in the sight of the Lord.  There is nothing HOLY about idols or observing times, (which makes a myth out of the many recorded facts with eye witnesses) or magic.

Esoteric Kabbala is also "tradition" inasmuch as it lays claim to secret knowledge of the unwritten Torah (divine revelation) that was communicated by God to Moses and Adam. Though observance of the Law of Moses remained the basic tenet of Judaism, Kabbala provided a means of approaching God directly.

          3. This they say, in spite of the fact that Moses condemned secretes of men(see Deuteronomy 27:15) with idols – even though Moses said “The secret things belong unto the Lord, Deuteronomy 29:29. According to belief, Kabbala provides a means of approaching God directly regardless of sinful condition. This is a total disregard and slap in the face for Moses who said Adams sin was covered by blood sacrifice (see Genesis 3:21) and all Israel’s firstborn were saved by blood (see Exodus 12:13) even though God made a blood covenant with Israel (see Exodus 24:8) and even though it takes blood to make an atonement for the soul (see Leviticus 17:11).

          4. Man cannot approach God without a High Priest (see Leviticus 4:20) and Blood to cover the sins of the person.

It thus gave Judaism a religious dimension whose mystical approaches to God were viewed by some as dangerously pantheistic and heretical.

The modern Jew must be approached through the Torah. If he confesses the first 5 books to be The Word of God, you can proceed as follows.

Ask A> “Do YOU know for sure, if you died today you would go to heaven?

B>If I could show you how you could know for sure, would you believe what the Torah says?

1. Show him the way to God that Moses taught and followed.

2. Remember Moses asked Pharaoh to “let the people go three days journey to offer sacrifice to God (Exodus 3:18) This was because God requires a sacrifice to cover sin.

3. Even the Passover was a sacrifice was established to commemorate coming out of Egypt (Exodus 12:27) Again showing the necessity for sacrifice for sin.

4. There was even a personal offering made for sin, SHOW HIM -

Lev 1:2-4

2      Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, If any man of you bring an offering unto the LORD, ye shall bring your offering of the cattle, even of the herd, and of the flock.

3      If his offering be a burnt sacrifice of the herd, let him offer a male without blemish: he shall offer it of his own voluntary will at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation before the LORD.

4      And he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering; and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him.


This was done because we all have sinned and broken God’s laws (the 10 commandments).


Now ask the Jew these questions:

  1. “Do you believe that we are all sinners?” Illustrate by saying you never met anyone who had not become angry or lied. Have you ever failed to offer a sacrifice for sins? For instance, how many lies do you have to tell to be a liar?
  2. Do you believe God has put a price on sin, Illustrate the purpose of Israel’s sacrifices was to make atonement for sins.
  3. If God provided a perfect sacrifice as an act of showing you His love, would you be willing to accept that, as atonement for your sins?
  4. Quote him John 3:16 and John 1:12 – explaining how Christ came for Israel. Now God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.
  5. Ask him to bow his head while you pray.
  6. Pray something like this, Dear Father Please help (__his name__) to be saved. Thank you for Jesus who paid a price we couldn’t pay.  Now here is (__His name_) who wants to be saved from his sins. Please show him your salvation. Now while our heads are bowed, and our eyes closed, just pray this with me (out loud), “”Dear heavenly Father, (sometime you have to encourage him again saying “go ahead, God will help you”) Please forgive me of my sin, I believe you loved me and want me to be saved from my sins, As best I know how, I now receive Jesus as my personal Saviour. Please save me, and take me to heaven when I die, In Jesus name, “*PAUSE”.

Note: It may not be necessary to give him all the info about Kabala. Let God do the convicting of sin. Just trust God to help you and him. Lots of prayer (before you try) will be needed. You do not have to turn to the New Testament, just quote it. You may book mark your Bible by putting something in Lev.1. When you get ready to pray, you could say, YOU DON’T MIND IF I PRAY DO YOU? *After you say “IN JESUS NAME, don’t say Amen, instead say,

NOW IF YOU REALLY MEANT THAT PRAYER, WOULD YOU TAKE MY HAND AS A TOKEN (OR SIGN) THAT YOU MEANT IT? Then hold your hand out in front of him. When he takes your hand, pray – dear Father, thank you for (__his name__) and thank you for saving him and taking him to heaven when he dies, In Jesus name, amen.

          After you have finished praying. Show him John 5:24 and explain it, showing he is forgiven! By now the (saved) Jew will have two feelings. 1. He will be filled with the Holy Spirit and say something about it. OR- he will say he doesn’t feel anything. Then show him Acts 8:29 – 39. the saved man didn’t feel anything unto he was baptized. Of course you need to take him down to the river as soon as possible and baptize him, if you have authority from a Local New Testament Baptist Church.   

 I hope this helps you win your next Israelite.

His Servant, Bob Foster