The King James Bible Code

The King James Bible has a numbering that shows the signature of God. Not one book of any kind written by man or myth can show such a pattern. The honesty and integrity is built in by the Author. That's why it's called by a name that no other "Bible" can claim,


Number Symbolic Meaning

1> Unity, Beginnings

2> Union Witnessing

3> Trinity, Grace in Resurrection

4, 40> Testing

5> Death, Separation. Separation in death in every 5th chapter, Jesus died the perfect death with 5 wounds in His body. Your body has 5 members and will die, the first death in the Bible was Gen. Chapter 5 verse 5; more people die in the month of May then any other month. It is also when we honor the dead on Memorial Day. When a plane is going to crash, the pilot turns to 500 kilocycles and say says “May Day, May Day.”

6> weakness of Man, mankind, Evils of Satan, manifestation of sin 666 = trinity of Satan

7>  Grace in completeness, Spiritual Perfection, Word of God Ps. 12:6-7

8>Grace in New Birth, New beginning, new creation

9> Grace in fruit of the Spirit, fruit bearing

10> Grace for Gentiles (Acts 10)

11> Judgment

12> Government perfection

13> Depravity and rebellion, The beast, Curse

14> Grace in deliverance, salvation

15> Love



An honest translation will italics the missing Greek words. If it doesn't, it has stolen them from the King James Bible without commenting. And that my friend is how crooked publishers operate.