Before the outbreak of WW11, the Jews of each country were extremely patriotic.  They were loyal to the county to which they belonged and were happy to be a part of the society and culture. On August 2nd, 1934 young men in Germany swore allegiance, NOT to Germany but to Hitler. (or current Antichrist)

NOTE: During WW11, as Hitler’s Nazi Germany conquered nation after nation, European Jews were striped of their RIGHTS, forced into ghettos, and later transferred to Government CONCENTRATION CAMPS, and murdered. This is how it was done.

As Hitler advanced, he swore not to invade Austria (or your city or state). Invasion was “out of the question.” 

But by 1938, he had changed his mind.  Poland was next.  Stories traveled with fleeing Jews from country to country. One unbelievable story was that German soldiers were taking babies and small children and tearing them apart by the legs and throwing them in a river along with mass-shootings of adults.

Parades were held and the people waved and sheered at the German army in the “homeland.” Holland fell in 1940 followed by Belgium and France, and Lithuania in 1941. In 1942 Latvia surrendered and The SS were finding Jews and dragging them out of their homes. (They were on a  survey list)


The nationals of each country aided in finding Jews.

They dressed in their own countries uniforms but wore German armbands and weapons. They were like “local police” or neighborhood spies.

People wondered how all this could take place.


1>> Things happened very slowly.

First the news media reported “soft” news about the government. Nothing was said to insight fear or cause alarm. “Everything is fine. There is no need to prepare or to worry.” 


2>>Each time a new law would come out, the people thought, “well,…just another thing.” The people said and did nothing.

In 1944 Hitler moved into Hungary. In the towns, two motorcycles would show up and nobody would suspect anything because they were few in number.


3>> The next restriction was that you could not walk outside on the street without a big yellow “star” on your clothing.


4>>Later they were picked up and taken away to forced “labor camps”. They repaired bridges and roads.  When people were forced to leave their homes, they were told to take only 5 kilos of personal belongings, for each person.  They were told to only take their valuables.


5>>People were first sent to brick yards and deserted factory warehouses with no walls and no beds and comforts.


6>>After one week, the people were asked to volunteer for working in vineyards in Germany. This they all “volunteered for since it had to be better than where they were. They were all taken to a train station by local nationals. They were not passenger trains because they were being used elsewhere, so they were put on box cars or cattle cars.  The Jews became “hunted animals” 24 hours a day.

Fake passports were made by the “underground” to help Jews remain. In one case – a three bedroom apartment became the home to 67 people. (Storing food and water may be a good thing.)

You could trust nobody. Many of the “protected houses” were turned over to authorities and Jews were taken out and murdered.

People were on trains for about 5 days – waiting to arrive at “the vineyards.” As many as 120 persons were in one car with only one pail for human waste, with No water and no food and the children crying.

When the train stopped and the people were allowed to exit, they thought how good it was to have some air and people asked where they were. It was AUSCHWITZ.

Then made to separate, men with men, women with women and in columns of 5 in a row, everyone was told to drop their personal belongings.  Older ones were taken straight to the gas chambers.

Within 12 weeks, every Jew in Hungary was in a German concentration camp. They were taken to a “dressing room” and told they were going to get a shower. They removed all clothing, entered showers and came out the other side where their heads were shaved and all were given prison clothing.

People were written in a book and given numbers that were tattooed on their arms. **

These people were used for scientific experiments. 438,000 Jews from Hungary alone were transported to AUSCHWITZ gas chambers using the fat from the people to fuel the fires. All was planned months before The Jews were picked up. The camps were built, the housing was built, and the gas chambers were all finished before the first Jews was tagged and bagged.

Even the mass graves were prepared first.

People were taken from gas chambers to cremation.


Some experiments included starvation.

When the Americans arrived and the Germans surrendered, the American soldiers did not kill the Germans but turned them over to the Jewish prisoners.

Please be aware. The pictures following are not for the weak.

Keep in mind that history does repeat.